Destroying the family, the purpose of communism

Morality 10/27/22, 21:43

In recent years, the progressive agenda has attempted to forcefully change the social foundations that have accompanied humanity for most of history. The links of what appears to be a new line of thought with communism are becoming more and more evident, and even the manner of trying to impose ...

UK: Girls forced to get hormones if they don’t like dolls, expert charges

Treatment 11/26/21, 18:52

The UK's official health system believes that girls who don't like dolls or the color pink are transgender and pushes them to transition, Breitbart reported. Psychiatrist Dr. David Bell, former director of the London-based specialist mental health Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which houses the UK's only gender identity development ...

Sweden: Due to ‘Irreversible effects’ Major hospital suspends hormone treatment for gender dysphoria children

News 05/09/21, 17:58

A Stockholm hospital has suspended hormone treatment for children with gender dysphoria due to irreversible side effects of the treatment, Breitbart reported. Possible irreversible side effects include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility, cancer, and thrombosis. Karolinska Hospital announced that as of May 1, it stopped administering the hormone-blocking treatment to children trying to ...

260 doctors sign petition about risky medication for children who change sex

Science 10/02/19, 14:01

A petition to investigate the risky medication prescribed to children who want to change sex was signed by 260 doctors and addressed to the federal health minister of Australia. The web page was suspended for sabotage, preventing the collection of more signatures. Some doctors, according to John Whitehall, professor of pediatrics ...

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