China’s 3rd quarter GDP data expected to reflect successive punches

China 10/17/21, 15:27

China’s economy is expected to slow down sharply in the third quarter, with the GDP data out next week to demonstrate the impacts of the government’s crackdown on the property market, a stringent control over the pandemic, the power crisis, and sluggish consumption. The Chinese government is scheduled to announce its ...

Trump’s parting gift: Fourth quarter GDP unexpectedly revised up

U.S. 03/26/21, 06:50

The economy expanded faster than previously believed at the end of Donald Trump's presidency. In the fourth quarter of 2020, real gross domestic product rose at a higher rate of 4.3 percent than previously estimated (4.1 percent). The updated GDP figure explains why so much data for the first half of 2020 ...

Decline in investment not due to trade war, says renowned economist

Business 09/09/19, 14:30

The decline in capital investment in the United States could be attributed more to falling oil prices and difficulties with Boeing's 737 Max 8 jet than to the trade war with the Chinese regime, wrote Jim Glassman, chief economist of JPMorgan Chase's commercial banking operation. Glassman based his statements on a ...

Japan’s economy rebounded in final quarter of 2018

Business 02/13/19, 23:04

Japan's economic growth for the last three months of 2018 rebounded from a slump the previous quarter, growing at an annual rate of 1.4 percent. The preliminary data the Cabinet Office released Thursday showed recovery in various categories, including exports, consumer demand, investments and government spending. Gross domestic product, or the total ...

Which country is best to live in? Our calculations say it’s not Norway

News 11/09/18, 03:13

Every year, the United Nations releases the Human Development Index. The HDI is like a country’s report card. In a single number, it tells policymakers and citizens how well a country is doing. This year, Norway was at the top of the class, while Niger finished last. The index first appeared in 1990. ...

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