Update: 2 favorites in Slovak president vote in the lead

Europe 03/16/19, 17:46

Voting has ended in the first round of Slovakia's presidential election, and early results show the favorite candidates in a lead.The Slovak statistics Office says that Zuzana Caputova has 38.87 percent of the vote with ballots from over 30 percent ...

Slovakia could get its first female president in ballot

Europe 03/16/19, 04:45

Voters in Slovakia are selecting a new head of state in an election that could give the country its first female president.The leading contenders are Zuzana Caputova, an environmental activist in favor of gay rights and who opposes a ban ...

Gay rights activist accused of setting own home on fire

U.S. 02/26/19, 22:38

Michigan police say a transgender, gay rights activist tried to fabricate a hate crime by setting his home on fire, but the man's attorney is questioning the evidence. Attorney Daniel Barnett said the evidence is circumstantial and doesn't provide proof beyond ...

Cuba eliminates gay marriage language from new constitution

America 12/18/18, 19:34

Cuba's government said Tuesday that language promoting the legalization of gay marriage will be removed from the draft of a new constitution after widespread popular rejection of the idea.Gay rights advocates had proposed eliminating the description of marriage as a ...

Thousands protest in Berlin against racism, discrimination

World 10/13/18, 08:11

Thousands of people are demonstrating in Berlin against racism and discrimination, a protest that comes amid concern about an increasingly confident far right.A wide range of groups, including pro-refugee, gay rights and Muslim organizations, backed Saturday's "Indivisible" protest in the ...

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