Regrowing fruits and vegetables from kitchen scraps

U.S. 10/05/21, 04:33

Instead of throwing food scraps such as vegetable stems, butts, and seeds away, some gardening tips will assist you in regrowing them into plants. Here are some of the most common methods for growing food from leftovers at home. Using tops of fruits and vegetables Method: cut off the tops and place them ...

Police takes time out to help tired elderly man mow grass

Inspired Stories 08/24/21, 02:49

A southern California man received some unexpected help with home duties. Anaheim resident Lupe Robles struggled to mow the grass on a hot, 85 degree summer day. The 83 year-old's physical challenges quickly attracted attention from Anaheim Police Department. Officers Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe decided to postpone their usual police duties, ...

Advice to first-time gardeners: Think small. Find your spot.

U.S. 12/24/19, 03:55

Another growing season is building momentum with the arrival of the 2020 seed catalogs, and gardeners are drafting plans for new harvests. There’s such a thing as being too enthusiastic, though, especially among novices. Beginners can achieve their best planting results by thinking small. ``Starting too large is the most common mistake ...

Grave Gardeners: Volunteers help spiff up old cemeteries

U.S. 05/22/19, 07:54

The cemeteries of yore existed as much for the living as for the dead. People would picnic and relax there as they would in a park today.Now, a handful of 19th century graveyards are restoring the bygone tradition of cemetery gardening, enlisting volunteers to help keep things green and tidy.Amy ...

White House Spring Garden Tour—in pictures

Culture 04/16/19, 09:49

The White House hosted the 2019 Spring Garden Tours on April 13 and 14, 2019. The Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden, and the White House Kitchen Garden were accessible to guests for several hours each day. The National Park Service was in charge of distributing tickets. The event was free ...

Grant Will Help Area Students Grow

U.S. 10/01/18, 00:07

Two hundred area fourth graders will get an opportunity to replicate backyard gardens that coal-patch ancestors created to feed families and hold down company store food bills. Anthracite mining history will be revisited in depth as part of the unique project that will have kids planting and nurturing their own ...

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