Game of Thrones: Economics of mercy and other final lessons

Business 05/20/19, 13:38

So Daenerys broke the wheel, after all. Or at least knocked it out of alignment.The long-suffering people of Westeros get a chance at a new beginning in the final episode of HBO's epic series "Game of Thrones." But Dany won't lead the resurrection, having been stabbed to death by her ...

Game of Thrones: King’s Landing will rise again

Europe 05/13/19, 15:53

Scorched by a dragon, overrun by enemy soldiers and its buildings reduced to rubble, King's Landing, the capital city in "Game of Thrones," seems destroyed for good. But history suggests that the city could rise again.Despite the horrifying death and destruction, with enough time, King's Landing could even reclaim its ...

Game of Thrones: Like many CEOs, Dany sees confidence slip

Entertainment 05/06/19, 14:56

Faith is waning in Daenerys Targaryen's ability to conquer and then justly rule Westeros.The Mother of Dragons is down to only one firedrake, after a barrage of oversized crossbow bolts from an enemy ship killed her dragon Rhaegal. As the playwright Oscar Wilde might say, to lose one dragon may ...

Game of Thrones: Arya’s got skillz

Europe 04/29/19, 15:13

What does it take to kill the Night King? Definitely not a pair of fire-exhaling dragons. The Night King turns out to be flame retardant. Nor does the ability to loop through time and assume control of ravens' brains help much. Bran Stark pretty much sat helpless beneath the Weirwood tree, waiting ...

Fire, ice and puberty: how ‘Thrones’ characters have grown

Entertainment 04/08/19, 10:32

Living in Westeros can really change a person. Those who survived the first seven seasons of "Game of Thrones" have seen their parents, children and even pets stabbed, disemboweled and beheaded. They've been burned and frozen. They've lost essential body parts. Some have been through death and back, others suffered ...

‘Game of Thrones’ final season premiere in New York

New York 04/03/19, 21:36

'Game of Thrones' cast attends their final season premiere in New York on April 3. See them paired with their show characters.Alfie Allen and his character Theon Greyjoy. (Photos by Evan Agostini, left, and HBO)Jerome Flynn and his character Bronn. (Photos by HBO, left, and Evan Agostini)Hannah Murray and her ...

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