Oakland becomes 2nd US city to legalize magic mushrooms

U.S. 06/05/19, 01:31

Oakland on Tuesday became the second U.S. city to decriminalize magic mushrooms after a string of speakers testified that psychedelics helped them overcome depression, drug addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder.The City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize the adult use and possession of magic mushrooms and other entheogenic, or psychoactive, plants ...

Mushrooms could help clean toxic groundwater in New Mexico

Enviroment 10/03/18, 02:10

Water conservationists and a Native American women's advocacy group believe they've found a potential solution to a massive, decades-old underground plume of toxic chromium that likely has spread from property owned by Los Alamos National Laboratory to San Ildefonso Pueblo land.The key ingredient? Mushrooms. They want the lab to give ...

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