Stacey Abrams and her involvement in the Fulton election

U.S. 06/18/21, 01:23

Surveillance cameras have brought to light many questions about the irregular behavior of the election workers in Fulton County. While the conversation around a potential mischief to alter ballot results remains unsettled, it should be worthy to know who was behind the staffing process. This should bring attention to State Rep ...

Fulton County official says ‘a few’ chain of custody documents missing

U.S. 06/15/21, 03:23

An election official in Fulton county of Georgia admitted on June 9 that there was not enough chain of custody documents for absentee ballots that could legitimately give indisputable proof of the validity of the confirmed results in the 2020 election.  “As we review the documents provided to you and our ...

Georgia: Election authority finds photocopied ballots, pushes for new audit

U.S. 06/09/21, 18:36

According to recent reports, one of the election authorities in Fulton, Georgia, has testified that during the 2020 presidential election recount, she observed batches of ballots for Democrat Joe Biden that were in "impeccable" condition and appeared to have been photocopied. Her statement should lead a federal judge to order ...

Georgia judge may unseal Fulton ballots for fraud investigation

U.S. 03/17/21, 21:02

A judge in Georgia indicated he may unseal absentee ballots in Fulton County for a government watchdog investigation over alleged fraud in the November election. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the case stemmed from a complaint claiming that there were fake ballots cast, as well as other irregularities when employees ...

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