‘Solar superstorm’ could cause global internet outage for months says study

California 09/23/21, 18:06

A 'solar superstorm' approaching Earth could have devastating consequences for internet access, a new study found. University of California predicts the worldwide web could be disrupted for extended periods, if a superstorm strikes. That is the dire outlook in the latest research report, "Solar superstorms: planning for an internet apocalypse." "[Storms could] ...

Biden’s energy secretary says ‘pipe is the best way’ to transport fuel

U.S. 05/13/21, 03:24

The Biden administration is facing criticism for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project once again. The complaint follows a fuel shortage due to a recent cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Jennifer Granholm had to admit that using a pipeline is "the best way" to transport fuel. According ...

Syria fuel shortages, worsened by US sanctions, spark anger

World 04/16/19, 06:55

Syrians in government-controlled areas who have survived eight years of war now face a new scourge: widespread fuel shortages that have brought life to a halt in major cities. Cars line up by the hundreds outside petrol stations, and long lines of people waiting to buy rationed cooking gas begin forming ...

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