Seagull finds a mate after bonding with captain for 15 years

Inspired Stories 07/28/21, 02:39

A seagull that faithfully accompanied captain John Makowsky for more than a dozen years of sea voyages has found a new lifelong companion. In 2005 a female seagull suddenly appeared on Makowsky's lobster fishing boat while he was sailing through the Gulf of Maine. She has been at the captain's side ...

Precious friendship between 2 year-old boy and garbage man

Inspired Stories 06/13/21, 16:21

Deacon Ross, a two-year-old from East Dallas, Texas, had a special best buddy named O'Dee, a sanitation worker who stopped by his house every Friday. Unfortunately, the two had to say their goodbyes because the Ross family relocated to a larger home. Deacon could not contain his delight when Friday arrives, according to ...

Teenager with disability asked to be ‘Iron Woman’ at prom

U.S. 04/26/21, 19:43

Brendan Ritchie, 18, a good student at Fort Zumwalt West High School in O'Fallon, Missouri, gained the spotlight after asking his special friend to go to the prom with him. Ritchie, an athlete and a member of the cross-country team at his school, didn't choose who to bring to school dance ...

Minnesota 5th-grade boys spot a bully and take action

U.S. 08/27/19, 07:27

This story is truly heartwarming. When five fifth-grade boys at Franklin Elementary School in Mankato, Minnesota, noticed a little boy with special needs was being bullied on the playground, they didn't turn their heads and look away. Jake Burgess and Jack Pemble had seen James Willmert, a fifth-grader from another classroom, with ...

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