William Barr is right: Secularists are imposing their own religion

Opinion 10/19/19, 05:58

Attorney General William Barr gave a powerful speech last week on religious liberty in America at Notre Dame Law School. If you missed it, it’s well worth reading. Barr traced the central role of religious liberty in our nation’s history and the importance of a morally disciplined and virtuous citizenry for maintaining a ...

James Lankford: Defending religious freedom means living your faith

Politics 02/28/19, 21:56

Not living one’s faith can become a threat to religious liberty, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said while speaking on a panel Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.  “One of the greatest challenges we have to religious liberty in this modern day is people that actually claim a faith and don’t ...

Faith-based shelter fights to keep out transgender women

U.S. 01/11/19, 16:09

A conservative Christian law firm that has pushed religious issues in multiple states will urge a U.S. judge on Friday to block Alaska's largest city from requiring a faith-based women's shelter to accept transgender women. Alliance Defending Freedom has sued the city of Anchorage to stop it from applying a gender ...

Ukraine’s leader: Orthodox faithful to get religious freedom

Europe 12/02/18, 10:05

Ukraine's president has promised Orthodox parishioners that they will be free to choose their affiliation after the creation of the new autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church.A view of the 1000-year old Monastery of Caves in Kiev, Ukraine, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. The Ukrainian intelligence agency is searching the home of the ...

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