Either stand with ‘peaceful truckers’ or ‘left-wing fascists’ says Trump

Opinion 02/28/22, 00:28

Former President Trump warned authorities to choose carefully between an activist movement or extreme tyranny. Donald Trump expressed solidarity with the Freedom Convoy trucker movement at the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference. He also urged political leaders to be on the right side of history. "A line has been crossed: you are ...

GOP Sen. Cruz demands inquiry into GoFundMe seizing Freedom Convoy donations

U.S. 02/07/22, 02:25

A Republican from Texas wants to investigate an online crowdfunding platform for allegedly misusing money from kind-hearted people. Ted Cruz believes the Federal Trade Commission should grill GoFundMe for trying to spend Freedom Convoy donations on a totally different cause. The California-headquartered business refuses to release funds for truck drivers who oppose ...

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