Protests by Foxconn employees, many arrested and beaten

Social problem 11/24/22, 15:53

On November 22, new employees from all over the country recruited by Foxconn in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, thought they had been deceived and, when attempting to leave the premises, were fired upon by police with tear gas. On the 23rd, Foxconn employees continued to protest to defend their rights, and one ...

Apple and the consequences of partnering with the Chinese regime

Tech 11/16/22, 20:26

Images of people escaping from a factory facility in China at the end of October swept the world. Workers jumping over fences and fleeing cross-country or walking along roadsides to escape the harsh working conditions and quarantine measures put one of the most emblematic companies of these times, Apple, in ...

Foxconn Zhengzhou: Employees fight for food, dead person removed from dormitory

Trending 10/29/22, 14:16

Recently, the outbreak at Foxconn Zhengzhou has caused serious cross-contamination among employees in the factory and dormitory areas. On October 26, official news refuted the rumor on Weibo that 20,000 people were quarantined. Netizens posted articles revealing that Foxconn's management is in turmoil and employees are scrambling for food due ...

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