What Disney gets as its $71.3B buy of Fox assets closes

Business 03/19/19, 23:37

It's finally complete. Disney closed its $71 billion acquisition of Fox's entertainment assets on Wednesday, more than a year after the mega merger was proposed . Disney gets far ranging properties ranging from Fox's film studios, including "Avatar" and X-Men, to its TV productions such as "The Simpsons" and networks ...

In end of 20th Century Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood

Business 03/19/19, 16:05

The Fox Studio backlot, first built in 1926 on a Culver City ranch in Los Angeles, was enormous. Before much of it was sold off in the 1960s, it was four times the size of its current, and still huge, 53 acres. Shirley Temple's bungalow still sits on the lot, as ...

Fox Corp. begins trading as Disney completion looms

Business 03/19/19, 09:39

Fox Corp., the Fox assets that are not part of Disney's $71.3 billion acquisition of Fox's entertainment assets, began trading as a stand-alone company on Tuesday.The New York company also appointed several people to its board of directors, including former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Chase Carey, a ...

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