Food poisoning remains a persistent problem, says CDC Report

Health 04/25/19, 17:20

U.S. food poisoning cases don’t appear to be lessening anytime soon, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released April 25. The frequency of several types of food poisoning infections climbed last year. The increases might be attributed to new diagnostic tools that help ...

Emails show FDA worry with growers after romaine outbreaks

U.S. 03/29/19, 10:59

After repeated food poisoning outbreaks tied to romaine lettuce, a U.S. food safety official shared his concerns in an internal email, saying the produce industry's water testing "failed in an epic and tragic way."How the industry tests water to grow leafy greens is "unacceptable" and needs to change, James Gorny, ...

Cat that has lived in Alaska general store is being evicted

Health 03/01/19, 14:50

HOMER, Alaska (AP) — A cat named Stormy that has spent more than six years as a fixture in a remote Alaska general store is being forced out after officials notified the store owners that the cat’s presence violates food safety standards. The Fritz Creek General Store near the small city ...

Repeat outbreaks pressure produce industry to step up safety

U.S. 11/29/18, 14:35

After repeated food poisoning outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce, the produce industry is confronting the failure of its own safety measures in preventing contaminations.The latest outbreak underscores the challenge of eliminating risk for vegetables grown in open fields and eaten raw. It also highlights the role of nearby cattle operations ...

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