Man with hammer rescues 18-wheeler driver stranded in Texas floodwaters

U.S. 09/19/19, 23:39

A passerby used a hammer to rescue an 18-wheeler trucker who made a mistake that nearly cost him his life from the floodwaters in Houston, Texas. The incident happened as the trucker drove directly into the high water on the 59 northbound feeder road, near the Beltway on Thursday afternoon, Sept. ...

Floods plague multiple states in central US

U.S. 06/03/19, 08:42

Emergency officials conducted water rescues in the tiny northwestern Missouri town of Levasy in the wake of a levee breach along the Missouri River. Kansas City station WDAF reported that the breach happened on June 1, flooding part of the town of about 80 people. Levasy is located about 26 miles ...

Midwest rivers recede, but flooding danger lingers

U.S. 05/06/19, 15:31

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The swollen Mississippi River and its tributaries were receding in many flood-ravaged communities on Monday, but concerns remained high because of the threat of heavy rain over the next few days. The Mississippi’s levels slowly fell north of St. Louis after they reached record or near-record highs ...

The Virtuous Official who Prayed on His Knees to Stop a Flood

Culture 09/27/18, 08:05

In the eighth year of the Shunzhi era (1651 AD), under the Qing Dynasty, Luo Zhonglin was promoted to lead the Province of Changzhou, today’s Jiangsu Province. Luo gained widespread respect for his unyielding morality, and for the acknowledgement of his virtuous responsibility. Ending Bribery in the time of Taxation A number of ...

Video: Bus washed away by powerful floodwaters in India

Asia & Pacific 09/26/18, 07:45

Flood water washed away a bus in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh on Sunday, September 23. Parts of northeast India, including New Delhi and the National Capital region, endured heavy rainfall and localized flooding as former Cyclone Daye tracked across the region from Sunday into Monday. Flood-related incidents have claimed ...

The enigmatic phenomenon of “animal rain”

Beyond science 09/26/18, 07:30

In daily life, it can be seen how rain, overflowing with momentum, can reach flooding places and cause disasters of some kind.  Phenomena such as hail or tornadoes are often accompanied by heavy rains, sometimes of unexpected magnitude. On other occasions, from time to time, we will hear about another type of ...

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