The Yangtze River Dam has caused a fish species extinction: Experts

Disasters 07/25/22, 16:40

China's "freshwater fish king" is extinct On July 23, Xinhuanet reported that the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially announced on July 21 that the white sturgeon in the Yangtze River, known as the "king of freshwater fish in China," has become extinct. Specifically, in the Red List of Species updated by the International ...

Seagull finds a mate after bonding with captain for 15 years

Inspired Stories 07/28/21, 02:39

A seagull that faithfully accompanied captain John Makowsky for more than a dozen years of sea voyages has found a new lifelong companion. In 2005 a female seagull suddenly appeared on Makowsky's lobster fishing boat while he was sailing through the Gulf of Maine. She has been at the captain's side ...

Mexico abandoned the endangered porpoise’s fishing-free zone

America 07/16/21, 01:08

The vaquita marina, a porpoise endemic to Mexico's Gulf of California, is facing extinction. After one died in a fishing net in March 2020, only 10 or fewer specimens of the species remain alive. A silvery-colored porpoise with panda-like eyes is one of the treasures of the ocean. However, illegal ...

Interior boss order aims to protect US public land access

Politics 03/21/19, 20:05

Acting U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt ordered federal land managers on Thursday to give greater priority to access for hunting, fishing and other kinds of recreation when the government considers selling or trading public land. The secretarial order comes amid longstanding complaints that millions of acres of state and federal land ...

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