Chinese influencer Ping Rong penalized with nearly $10 million for tax evasion

Insights 02/25/22, 21:22

Chinese live-streamer Ping Rong, 29 years old, has become the latest online influencer targeted by local authorities for tax evasion. In an announcement on February 22nd, Guangdong authorities said the e-commerce host has been dishonest on her earnings from her live-streaming activities between 2019 and 2020. Following the charges, Ping must pay ...

Jan. 6 probe refuses to grant former Trump adviser executive privilege

D.C. 10/20/21, 15:49

A congressional committee investigating the Capitol riots did not give special treatment to a former presidential adviser on Oct. 18. The House Select Committee turned down Steve Bannon's request for executive privilege. This means President Donald Trump's long-time adviser must cooperate with investigations into the deadly January 6 attack. If Bannon continues ...

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