New York Film Festival opens ‘The Favourite’

New York 09/28/18, 16:51

For a festival that prides itself on remaining outside of the fray, the 56th New York Film Festival kicked off with a royal feast of savagery and scheming.Yorgos Lanthimos' vicious 18th century tragicomedy "The Favourite" premiered Friday as the opening night selection of Lincoln Center's prestigious annual summit of world ...

Japanese actor Koji Yakusho says his is a solitary craft

Entertainment 09/27/18, 21:18

His film roles range from police officer to serial killer, dashing characters to self-destructive losers, a samurai warrior to an ordinary "salaryman," as Japanese office workers are called. But through all his work in Japan and Hollywood, Koji Yakusho has found what he must do as an actor remains surprisingly ...

Danny DeVito receives lifetime achievement award in Spain

Entertainment 09/22/18, 15:11

Actor Danny DeVito has been honored with a lifetime achievement award at Spain's most prestigious film festival in the northern coastal city of San Sebastian.DeVito, 73, received the award from the San Sebastian International Film Festival during Saturday's gala. The American comic film star is promoting the animated children's film ...

Dwayne Johnson backs stuntman’s film honoring Knievel jump

Entertainment 09/20/18, 03:48

Before climbing into the cockpit of his steam-powered rocket and blasting off across the Snake River Canyon, daredevil Eddie Braun scribbled two things on his bare chest in marker.Blood type: O positive.Allergies: Penicillin.Useful information for the paramedics — in case his jump on Sept. 16, 2016, didn't go as planned.Braun's ...

The LA Film Festival gets a fresh fall start

Entertainment 09/19/18, 14:34

The LA Film Festival may be in its 24th year, but the local independent film showcase is stepping up with a new fall date, starry premieres featuring the likes of Tiffany Haddish and Henry Cavill and a re-energized commitment to spotlighting documentaries and diverse filmmakers.The festival kicks off Thursday with ...

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