Warning: Chinese origin Fentanyl is quietly destroying American youth

Corruption 08/23/22, 17:53

Amid the tension between China and the U.S. recently, there's also friction over another issue—the illegal trade in synthetic drugs. The U.S. believes factory-produced opioids—powerful painkillers increasingly abused by U.S. citizens—are being made in and sold from China. One of the main ones is fentanyl—50 to 100 times stronger than morphine—which is ...

Guangdong official invests in methamphetamine production in office building

China 01/02/22, 20:40

A court in China announced that an official in Guangdong Province invested in producing drugs in a vacant government office building and was arrested after drug dealers were apprehended. The Hunan High Court revealed the case of the Cantonese official when it discussed drug-related offenses during a press conference on Dec. 30. According to a ...

Tunnel leads through Mexico and California discovered

California 08/08/21, 15:57

Agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced one of their agents discovered an expansive tunnel between Mexico and California on Monday, Aug. 2. The underground system was suspected of having been used in a large-scale drug trafficking operation. Meanwhile, the agency said an investigation over the tunnel’s origin ...

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