Republicans sue two Vermont cities for accepting foreign votes

U.S. 09/28/21, 18:18

A political committee that leads the national Republican Party took legal action against two Vermont cities for letting noncitizens vote on Sept. 28. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is suing Montpellier and Winooski for allegedly breaching electoral integrity. Both town charters are accused of violating a fundamental rule that only Americans ...

Joe Biden lifts Nord Stream 2 sanctions after pocketing donations say records

U.S. 06/01/21, 03:11

Official election finance data shows the president removed international sanctions after receiving political contributions. Joe Biden has been accused of granting a Russian gas pipeline project favors in exchange for donations to the presidential election campaign fund. The latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) records revealed former Reagan-era U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard ...

Facebook bans paid ads warning about widespread voting or election fraud

2022 Campaign 10/01/20, 02:31

One of the world’s largest internet companies is prohibiting political advertising much earlier than expected. Facebook Inc. has confirmed it will no longer approve paid election messages that warn voters about widespread electoral fraud due to increased postal voting at the upcoming election on Nov. 3. The company cited "hate speech" rules ...

EXPLAINS: The GOP’s FEC complaint against Ocasio-Cortez

Politics 03/08/19, 20:11

Freshman New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and several of her allies were accused this week by a conservative group of improperly masking political spending during the 2018 campaign. Ocasio-Cortez is a vocal critic of untraceable money in politics, and the news provoked uproar from conservative media organizations. Campaign finance experts, ...

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