FBI continues warrant-free spying on Americans through NSA

U.S. 04/29/21, 00:30

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searched vast troves of international communications for information on American "racially motivated violent extremists" without a court order, Law Officer reported. A recently declassified report from the United States' secret surveillance court reveals the FBI has demanded access to massive amounts of electronic communications harvested ...

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office in New York raided by federal agents

U.S. 04/29/21, 00:19

A search warrant of the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani's apartment and office was executed on Wednesday morning, a decision promoted from a year-long investigation into his relationship with Ukraine.  Giuliani's electronic devices including laptops and cellphones were seized during the FBI's probe, FoxNews.  Giuliani, former NYC mayor, was former President ...

Black Lives Matter is ‘worse’ than CCP Virus and ‘out of sync’ with word of God says Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr.

Trending 04/28/21, 01:32

Anti-police protester violence has reached greater epidemic levels than the deadly disease itself, a religious leader warned. Earl Walker Jackson Sr. declared Black Lives Matter as a "cultural, spiritual, and psychological" virus with far worse consequences than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus. "Black Lives Matter is worse than COVID (CCP Virus)," ...

Smoking gun email shows former FBI Director contradicted sworn avowal to FISA

U.S. 02/17/21, 18:59

It was in January 2017 that the then-FBI Director James Comey signed a FISA surveillance warrant against one-time 2016 Trump campaign adviser Carter Page that confirmed Christopher Steele's dossier had been "verified." The dossier contained highly salacious claims about Trump. However, on that same day, he wrote a completely different assessment ...

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