Biden overturns TikTok bans, removes security protections promoted by Trump

U.S. 06/09/21, 18:27

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday, June 9, reversing former President Trump's ban on Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat, which have been accused of putting national security at risk because of their ties to the Chinese communist's regime's military and intelligence system. President Biden signed an executive order reversing ...

Controversial: Huawei tested software to recognize Uighurs and alert police

China 12/09/20, 18:55

According to an internal report, the much questioned Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, has tested surveillance and facial recognition software that will alert Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities when it identifies Uighur Muslims. According to the report to which The Washington Post had access, the telecommunications company worked during 2018 together with ...

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