What my DNA told me: Avoid fast food, eat vegetables

Science 03/25/19, 08:23

Avoid fast food, eat vegetables and exercise. It sounds like generic health advice, but they're tips supposedly tailored to my DNA profile.The suggestions come from 23andme, one of the companies offering to point you toward the optimal eating and exercise ...

Photos: Centuries-old Indian pole wrestling goes global

Sports 02/15/19, 01:49

Is it gymnastics? Is it yoga? Is it even a sport?Picture a person climbing a coconut tree. Now imagine the person twisting, turning, rotating and practicing yoga postures, all while firmly gripping the tree with the thighs. Mallakhamb is this ...

What’s the Greenprint? Ask Beyonce

Entertainment 02/01/19, 13:39

So, what's all that Greenprint stuff on Beyonce's Instagram feed? Bey stirred up the beehive Thursday when she advocated plant-based living in a rare social media endorsement. It helped that she also announced to her 123 million followers a sweepstakes for ...

FBI, DPS to run statewide anti-terrorism training exercise

U.S. 10/25/18, 22:58

The Texas Department and Public Safety and the FBI plan to run a three-day statewide anti-terrorism training exercise next week. A DPS statement issued Thursday says the agencies will join with local and other state and federal agencies to run the ...

Museums offer yoga, meditation programs along with art

New York 10/02/18, 09:34

A little mindfulness is part of the collection at many American art museums, which are offering yoga, meditation and other wellness programming as part of the art-viewing experience.In New York City, the Brooklyn Museum offers yoga and meditation sessions. The ...

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