‘Bombshell’ in the Vatican: Could Benedict XVI still be the Pope?

Opinion 05/13/21, 01:55

Is Pope Francis a representative of Freemasonry? How long has the usurpation of the Vatican been planned? Could Benedict XVI have perhaps not resigned from the Papacy and is therefore still the official Pope? We will show what promises to clear up any doubts about how the Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio came ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene said Democrats are: ‘Burning our country down’

U.S. 03/19/21, 04:02

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said that the nation has only been under a new government for three months and has already returned to the Obama administration's eight-year failure. The outspoken Greene made the remarks on Just the News's "The Water Cooler" on Tuesday, March 16. She also said that the ...

‘You did nothing to change anything for anyone’: Herschel Walker accuses Obama of not helping African–Americans

U.S. 09/24/20, 15:34

Popular NFL star Herschel Walker sharply criticized former President Obama and current Democratic candidate Joe Biden during an interview with Fox News Radio's "Fox Across America" on Wednesday. The criticism focused on the inconsistency between the Democrats' speech regarding support for the African-American community. He accuses the Obama administration of doing absolutely ...

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