EU threatens Hungary with economic sanctions over anti-LGBT law

Europe 07/07/21, 21:45

European Union leaders, including President Ursula von der Leyen, warned Hungary on Wednesday, July 7, that they would take legal action against it and even withhold funds allotted to help with the pandemic if it did not step back from the anti-pedophilia law that will go into effect on Thursday, ...

European Union passes resolution to declare abortion a ‘human right’

Politics 06/25/21, 16:38

The European Union (EU) Parliament on Thursday approved a radical pro-abortion document that increases pressure on countries to legalize the killing of unborn babies. The document approves abortions without gestational limits or causes and forces medical workers to participate in the practices. According to a report by Catholic News Agency, members ...

The European Union suspends its trade agreement with the Chinese regime

Europe 05/05/21, 17:11

According to reports, the European Union has suspended the "Comprehensive Investment Agreement" agreed with the Chinese communist regime after a series of disagreements and political crosses between authorities of European countries and high officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), mainly due to controversial issues such as human rights and ...

Fake news changes shape as EU heads into elections

Europe 05/22/19, 05:48

Fake news has evolved beyond the playbook used by Russian trolls in the U.S. election. As the European Union gears up for a crucial election, it is mostly homegrown groups rather than foreign powers that are taking to social media to push false information and extremist messages, experts say. And private ...

France’s Macron accuses Bannon, Russians of eroding Europe

Europe 05/21/19, 02:57

French President Emmanuel Macron is accusing former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and Russian oligarchs of conspiring with Europe's nationalists to dismantle the European Union. The centrist French leader said in an interview with French regional newspapers published Tuesday that Europeans "should not be naive" about foreign interference ahead of this week's ...

Vietnam, EU snub US on trade

Business 05/20/19, 00:20

Deal is significant not only because it facilitates exports, but also as it lays out commitments on human rights, labor unions, and environmental protection

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