Fake news changes shape as EU heads into elections

Europe 05/22/19, 05:48

Fake news has evolved beyond the playbook used by Russian trolls in the U.S. election. As the European Union gears up for a crucial election, it is mostly homegrown groups rather than foreign powers that are taking to social media ...

France’s Macron accuses Bannon, Russians of eroding Europe

Europe 05/21/19, 02:57

French President Emmanuel Macron is accusing former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and Russian oligarchs of conspiring with Europe's nationalists to dismantle the European Union. The centrist French leader said in an interview with French regional newspapers published Tuesday that Europeans "should ...

Vietnam, EU snub US on trade

Business 05/20/19, 00:20

Deal is significant not only because it facilitates exports, but also as it lays out commitments on human rights, labor unions, and environmental protection

Taboos fall away as far-right EU candidates breach red line

Europe 05/16/19, 07:07

Europe's taboos are falling away. Virulent language castigating immigration and Islam is creeping from extremist fringe groups on social media and the dark web into politics, and getting new visibility in the final thrust of campaigning for this month's European Parliament ...

EU urges Iran to respect nuclear deal, regrets US sanctions

Europe 05/09/19, 02:58

The European Union is urging Iran to respect the international agreement curbing the Islamic Republic's nuclear ambitions and says it aims to continue trading with the country despite U.S. sanctions. The EU and major European powers — Britain, France and Germany ...

EU summit of unity assesses an uncertain future

Europe 05/09/19, 02:07

Even at a summit of unity, European Union leaders will always find something to disagree about.The 27 EU nations, minus Britain, will be plotting a united way ahead in the wake of Brexit negotiations which have preoccupied the bloc for ...

Hungary says EU shouldn’t ‘mislead’ Turkey about membership

Europe 05/03/19, 06:52

Hungary's foreign minister says the European Union should stop "misleading" Turkey about its prospects of membership in the bloc and instead offer it a "comprehensive strategic partnership." Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Friday that his counterparts from some of the larger ...

EU agrees terms for limited trade talks with US

Business 04/15/19, 07:58

The European Union approved Monday its terms for negotiating a new trade deal with the United States, but set up a possible show-down with Washington by refusing to include agricultural products in the talks. Making public the mandate for the EU's ...

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