Will cooperation pay off for would-be NYC subway bomber?

U.S. 05/01/19, 00:17

When Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty to being the ringleader in a foiled plot to bomb New York City's subway system, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he was responsible for "one of the most serious terrorist threats to our nation" since the 9/11 attacks.Nearly a decade later, Zazi has a ...

Mike Pence uses one tweet to respond Eric Holder for ripping America

Politics 03/29/19, 19:35

Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder has a question for Trump supporters. He said that America has never been “great,” during a Wednesday night, March 27, appearance on MSNBC’s "The Beat." Free Beacon reported: Holder’s comment came in response to a question from host Ari Melber about how it was possible to call America ...

Holder rules out 2020 run, says he’ll focus on redistricting

2022 Campaign 03/04/19, 08:44

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says he's not running for president in 2020. Holder, a Democrat, said in a Monday opinion piece in The Washington Post that he'll focus on redistricting, the process of reconfiguring electoral districts. Holder served under President Barack Obama and is chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, ...

Governor’s race could flip power or continue Nevada dynasty

U.S. 11/03/18, 12:09

A Republican from a political dynasty and a powerful Las Vegas-area politician hoping to become Nevada's first Democratic governor in two decades are in a tight race for the state's top office Tuesday.Like many races in the battleground state of 3 million people, the contest between Republican Adam Laxalt and ...

Bundy son suing US officials for Nevada standoff prosecution

U.S. 10/31/18, 14:33

A rancher's son campaigning as an independent for Nevada governor is suing current and former U.S. government officials, alleging malicious prosecution after a 2014 armed standoff with federal land agents.Ryan Bundy and his father, Cliven Bundy, said Wednesday in front of the U.S. courthouse in Las Vegas that prosecutors tried ...

Control of Congress also at stake in state legislative races

U.S. 09/22/18, 10:46

Democrats looking to regain a foothold in state capitols largely led by Republicans had anticipated flipping control of up to a dozen legislative chambers during the last presidential election. It didn't work out that way.As Republicans remain in overwhelming control of state legislatures, Democrats are doubling their spending for this ...

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