Giant Asian hornets could decimate honeybee population in Washington

News 03/20/21, 09:59

Scientists are calling for help from the public to eradicate the invasive Asian giant hornet species that has been discovered so far in the state of Washington State and British Columbia, Canada, over the past two years. The Asian giant hornet is the biggest known hornet in the world. The hornet ...

Health risk from dangerous chemical in waterways is being ignored by EPA

News 01/20/20, 05:53

A chemical banned in the EU because it poses a danger to humans and the environment is used in America without constraint. Tucker Carlson, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” spoke out against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing “Big Agriculture” to use the pesticide known as Atrazine, being sprayed ...

Green parties’ gains could boost climate action in Europe

World 05/27/19, 16:10

Green parties' surprisingly strong showing in elections for the 751-seat European Parliament raised hopes — particularly among young voters — that global warming and other environmental issues will get more serious consideration on the continent.Provisional results Monday showed the left-leaning Greens coming in fourth in the balloting with 69 seats, ...

Endangered frogs delay cleanup in city ravaged by wildfires

U.S. 05/10/19, 14:38

Fears of harming an endangered frog species have forced crews to delay cleaning debris from about 800 properties in Paradise, angering some residents anxious to start rebuilding their homes.Those tasked with debris removal have been told to wait until state and federal officials reach an agreement on guidelines to address ...

State board denies appeal of Andeavor Anacortes refinery permit

Enviroment 10/04/18, 05:10

The state Shoreline Hearings Board dismissed an appeal this week of a permit and environmental analysis for an Andeavor Anacortes Refinery project.The refinery’s Clean Products Upgrade Project has been contentious due to environmental concerns. The appeal, brought by a coalition of environmental groups, pertained to a shoreline development permit issued ...

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