Sen. Cotton’s big push: Ban CCP money in Hollywood

U.S. 02/20/21, 07:25

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) made a proposal on Thursday, Feb. 18, to ban the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from investing money in the entertainment industry and dissolve existing partnerships with Chinese companies. As part of his Beat China initiative the Cotton laid out a plan to unlink U.S. business from the ...

CBC removes President Trump’s cameo appearance in Home Alone 2 movie

Trending 12/27/19, 02:30

A taxpayer-funded broadcaster was widely criticized for editing out part of a blockbuster movie Home Alone 2 —because the president made a brief appearance. The Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) was questioned after several viewers used social media to express their dissatisfaction with the federally funded broadcaster removing a seven-second scene from ...

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