Dem Sen. Warren calls US Attorney General a ‘corrupt Trump henchman’ who should be ‘impeached’ for investigating election fraud

2022 Campaign 11/10/20, 02:38

A failed Democratic presidential candidate questioned the nation's top legal adviser's integrity and morality for examining allegations of election fraud. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) believes Attorney General William Barr cannot be trusted, is a criminal accomplice, and should be removed from his position, because he responded to complaints that the Democratic ...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren blocked CCP Virus stimulus package to stop enriching ‘wealthy executives of giant corporations’

D.C. 03/24/20, 04:24

A failed Democratic presidential candidate from Massachusetts admitted she helped delay federal relief funding from reaching Americans, who are affected by a deadly Asian virus, because she thought the money would benefit large companies. Elizabeth Warren confirmed she deliberately voted down the $1.4 trillion phase three stimulus package to help businesses ...

Warren leaves White House bid after failure in Democratic primary race, Trump says ‘too late’

Politics 03/05/20, 19:10

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced her exit of the presidential campaign on Thursday, March 5, following her underperformance on Super Tuesday. President Donald Trump said her decision is “three days too late.” “Today, I’m suspending our campaign for president,” Warren made the announcement in a call with campaign staff on Thursday morning, thanking them “for ...

Sen. Warren wants to shift border wall money to fight coronavirus

Politics 02/28/20, 14:46

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Thursday, Feb. 27, introduced a bill to redirect border wall funding to the coronavirus battle, blaming the Trump administration for responding inadequately to the threat. Following the legislation, about $10 billion would be shifted from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to the Department ...

Trump administration implements public charge rules for immigrants

U.S. 02/25/20, 07:07

The Trump administration on Monday, Feb. 24, officially implemented the "public charge" rule that restricts green cards for immigrants who have used a wide range of nonemergency welfare programs. “President [Donald] Trump continues to deliver on his promise to the American people to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. After several judicial ...

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