Dominion sent election results to CCP confirmed, according to investigation

2022 Campaign 12/26/20, 17:38

Russell Ramsland, expert in electoral security and technology, confirmed that the electoral results of 29 states were sent to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), passing through servers located in Frankfurt. Germany, agreeing with Trump's campaign lawyers who demanded this serious interference in American democracy. "Well, there was a report yesterday and ...

Electoral fraud: Sidney Powell says that Dominion is destroying evidence

2022 Campaign 11/21/20, 17:14

Renowned U.S. attorney Sidney Powell, part of the Trump Campaign legal team, continued to reveal details about the Dominion Voting Systems company, this time about its possible destruction of compromising evidence.  Powell added that Dominion is also creating a national security problem and that the apparent absence of the FBI in ...

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