Biden orders release of all illegal aliens and crime risks return

U.S. 01/23/21, 19:29

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been ordered to release all illegal aliens in custody, following the policies of President Joe Biden.  In an internal memo ICE orders agents, "Release them all, immediately," in addition to "halt all deportations," according to Breitbart on Jan. 23. 'Release them all immediately' Among the 14,195 ...

Support for Trump grows: 140 Republicans oppose electoral votes on Jan. 6

2022 Campaign 01/02/21, 17:27

At least 140 Republican legislators will oppose the Jan. 6 polling of Electoral College votes, some lawmakers and journalists predict. The expected joint session will be responsible for formally counting each state's electoral votes, three days after the new Congress takes office. When Vice President Mike Pence announces the results, objections can ...

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