GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell supports Donald J Trump’s nomination for 2024 election

U.S. 02/26/21, 05:12

A controversial Republican from Kentucky with a history of conflict with the previous president now wants to help his former party leader make a comeback. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) significantly reversed his earlier criticism of Donald Trump and supported his presidential nomination for the 2024 election. "The nominee of the party? Absolutely," ...

Joe Biden: GOP elected officials who supported overturning the election were ‘so extreme we have never seen it before’

2022 Campaign 12/15/20, 01:40

A Democrat who wants to be the next president used a victory speech to declare Trump supporters extremists for challenging the outcome of the election. Joe Biden strongly criticized Republican elected officials for exercising their constitutional right to scrutinize the November presidential race outcome. The Democrat accused 126 Republican members of the ...

Trump warns: ‘Votes cannot be certified. This election is under protest!’

2022 Campaign 12/14/20, 16:11

President Trump used his Twitter account to warn the Electoral College in key states where his legal team continues to challenge the results due to massive election fraud that certifying the winner of an election still in dispute is illegal. The members of the Electoral College announced that they would meet ...

The left’s attacks on the electoral college are all about political power

Opinion 07/26/19, 05:18

It seems that there isn’t a prominent progressive left in America who hasn’t come out in favor of abolishing the Electoral College. The latest is Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who called for an end to our 200-plus-year-old presidential election system on Twitter earlier this month. Sanders didn’t explain why he wanted to ditch the ...

Great crowds expected at Green Bay Trump rally on April 27

Politics 04/23/19, 13:10

President Donald Trump will be visiting the swing state of Wisconsin next for his 2020 campaign on April 27. The rally will be held at the Resch Center in the city of Green Bay. Wisconsin is a state the president likes a lot. He said so during a visit to the ...

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