Stacey Abrams and her involvement in the Fulton election

U.S. 06/18/21, 01:23

Surveillance cameras have brought to light many questions about the irregular behavior of the election workers in Fulton County. While the conversation around a potential mischief to alter ballot results remains unsettled, it should be worthy to know who was behind the staffing process. This should bring attention to State Rep ...

Fulton County official says ‘a few’ chain of custody documents missing

U.S. 06/15/21, 03:23

An election official in Fulton county of Georgia admitted on June 9 that there was not enough chain of custody documents for absentee ballots that could legitimately give indisputable proof of the validity of the confirmed results in the 2020 election.  “As we review the documents provided to you and our ...

Audit of ballots in Maricopa County expected to finish this week

U.S. 06/12/21, 03:16

The task of recounting of 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County by hand issued by the Arizona Senate as a move to settle the 2020 election claims is wrapping up this weekend.  The six-week-long hand auditing ballots of the 4th most populous county in the US will still require further ...

Arizona: Ballot machines arrive for Maricopa county forensic audit

U.S. 04/23/21, 04:55

The trucks that haul voting machines arrived on Wednesday, April 21, for the election audit, which is set to begin on Friday, the Washington Examiner reported. The audit resulted from months of fighting by Arizona's Republican-controlled Senate to launch a full-scale review of ballots cast in Maricopa, the populous county that included ...

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