Tioga County refuses to send election data to Pennsylvania senator for forensic audit

U.S. 07/16/21, 14:43

A top Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania is seeking to access voting machines and election data in three counties for forensic investigation of the 2020 election and 2021 primary, but at least one county refused the request. Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-P.A.), chairman of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, sent letters to Philadelphia, York, and ...

GOP lawmaker leading ‘forensic’ inquiry into Pennsylvania election calls Democrat response a ‘veiled threat’

U.S. 07/13/21, 16:18

A Pennsylvania Republican legislator accused political opponents of threatening every county ahead of his "forensic investigation" into the 2020 presidential election. State Sen. Doug Mastriano sought "information and materials" from Philadelphia County, York County, and Tiago County for his Intergovernmental Operations Committee audit. He gave counties a July 31 deadline to ...

Poll: 55% of US voters support election audits like in Maricopa County

U.S. 06/25/21, 20:45

There is strong support for election reviews like the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, a new poll shows, as many American voters believe President Joe Biden did not win fairly. Rasmussen Reports released a survey on Wednesday, June 23, showing that 55% of likely U.S. voters support forensic audits of election results to ...

Rep. Cheney calls Maricopa County audit ‘an effort to subvert democracy’

U.S. 06/13/21, 16:36

Arizona’s Republicans are seeking to clarify the validity of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County through a comprehensive forensic audit of the state’s populous county, but Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) described their audit as an “effort to subvert democracy.” “What is happening in Maricopa County is not an ‘audit,’ Cheney wrote in ...

Maricopa County refuses to give subpoenaed devices to election audit team

U.S. 05/08/21, 19:35

Officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, are refusing to turn over electronic devices subpoenaed by the Arizona State Legislature this week, arguing that complying with the legislature's lawful order would pose an unspecified “security risk” to “law enforcement data,” National File reported. In a letter sent to Ken Bennett—the Republican-led state Senate’s ...

Arizona: Ballot machines arrive for Maricopa county forensic audit

U.S. 04/23/21, 04:55

The trucks that haul voting machines arrived on Wednesday, April 21, for the election audit, which is set to begin on Friday, the Washington Examiner reported. The audit resulted from months of fighting by Arizona's Republican-controlled Senate to launch a full-scale review of ballots cast in Maricopa, the populous county that included ...

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