Chinese developer Shimao’s dollar notes fall as trust payment is missed

Economy 02/24/22, 17:00

According to Bloomberg, Shimao's dollar notes declined Thursday as the Chinese property developer's failure to make some trust payments, and its credit rating downgraded. Shimao's 4.75% notes due on July 3 lost 8.3 cents on the dollar to 56 cents.Last week, Shimao Group failed to negotiate an agreement to extend repayments ...

China’s economic downturn may help reduce global inflation, says experts

Economy 02/09/22, 20:13

According to the Wall Street Journal, China's economic downturn will likely affect some multinational companies and commodity producers in the coming years, casting doubt over the global economy's recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak. However, economists believe the potential benefit could be a diminished global inflationary pressure. As mentioned in a report ...

China’s economy to further weaken, with ‘worst yet to come’

China 11/12/21, 17:45

China's key economic data to be released Monday will be closely analyzed for signs that the downturn is severe enough to urge financial support from authorities, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. There is a likelihood of China's economy continuing to slow down across the board in October with little ...

Report: Supply disruptions will get worse

U.S. 10/13/21, 22:38

The severely damaged international shipping sector may worsen before recovering from COVID-19 pandemic shock, a report observed. It had become intensely challenging for commodities to be delivered since the lethal virus struck the world. As shipping became more challenging, so did product prices. And consumption consequently got slower.  A Moody's Analytics report ...

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: US crisis due to Democrat reckless policies

U.S. 06/14/21, 18:53

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has claimed that the United States is in crisis as the Democrats’ policies push the country into economic uncertainty, historic increases in violent crime, a worsening border crisis, and unsolved consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter sent to House Republicans on Sunday, June ...

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