3 Million Venezuelans Have Fled the Country

America 11/08/18, 23:16

The number of refugees and migrants fleeing Venezuela amid the country’s severe economic downfall has now reached 3 million, the United Nations refugee agency announced Thursday, the most since 2015. Data from national immigration authorities revealed surrounding countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have taken in nearly 2.4 million Venezuelans as ...

Iran braces for oil sanctions after currency crash, protests

World 11/02/18, 02:09

Iran is bracing for the restoration of U.S. sanctions on its vital oil industry next week, as it grapples with an economic crisis that has sparked sporadic protests over rising prices, corruption and unemployment. The oil sanctions, set to take effect on Monday, will target the country's largest source of revenue ...

Partner up for China trade reform

Texas 10/28/18, 20:22

The recently unveiled U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement would update one of the most important free trade agreements in U.S. history. While there are still hurdles to clear before the USMCA is implemented, attention to ongoing trade negotiations now focuses on China and tariffs. The Trump administration has rightly called out China’s discriminatory trade ...

China wants to further boost ties in Central, East Europe

China 10/16/18, 23:13

An official says China wants to further boost cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe where it is already financing infrastructure and other projects as part of a wider bid to increase global influence. Transport Minister Li Xiaopeng spoke Tuesday at a meeting with officials from 16 countries from the region that ...

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