President Trump says ECB’s rate cut hurting US exports, blasts Fed

Business 09/13/19, 05:27

President Donald Trump on Thursday, Sept. 12, criticized central bank of Europe and the central bank of the United States, saying the latest rate cut by the European Central Bank (ECB) is hurting U.S. exports, while the Federal Reserve (Fed) just “sits, and sits.” “European Central Bank, acting quickly, Cuts Rates ...

European Central Bank holds firm despite weaker growth

Business 01/24/19, 07:53

The European Central Bank kept its level of support for the eurozone's slowing economy unchanged Thursday despite worries about Brexit, trade wars and weaker global growth. The bank's 25-member governing council did not later interest rate benchmarks or the brief policy statement containing promises that rates will not go up until ...

Interest rates could stay lower for longer in Europe

Business 01/21/19, 06:49

Multiple threats stalking Europe's economy mean the European Central Bank could keep interest rates at rock-bottom levels longer than expected, extending skimpy returns for savers — but supporting indebted companies and governments with low borrowing costs. Speculation about a possible longer path to the first rate increases in Europe since 2011 ...

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