Heat waves and droughts impact China’s battered economy

Disasters 08/23/22, 16:11

Extreme heat and lack of rainfall are severely affecting Sichuan province. Power outages and the suspension of factory activity are pushing the local economy to the brink of a deep crisis.  Sichuan is one of the most populous provinces in China; with a young and growing industrial activity, it consumes a ...

Rare in flood season: China’s vast lakes become ‘steppe’

China 08/19/22, 15:21

The heatwaves in Southern China have not abated, and the water levels of the three major freshwater lakes continue dropping. Poyang Lake entered the dry season 100 days early. Dongting Lake entered the dry season four months early, while the water level in the Taihu Lake basin dropped to the ...

Study: Most extreme drought in 1,200 years hits Southwest

California 03/02/22, 04:18

America's West Coast recorded the severest dry spell in more than a millennium, a new study found. The 21st Century has brought California's worst drought in 1,200 years so far. This is the shocking conclusion researchers reached after comparing soil moisture and water reservoir levels from the past 21 years to ...

Effects of super drought on farmers

Enviroment 06/13/21, 17:10

According to scientists, a multi-year "super-drought" has arisen in the southwestern United States, and this year is by far the worst year of the "super-drought" so far. If things do not improve dramatically soon, a massive agricultural disaster will occur. Meteorologists at BAMWX discovered that the moisture deficit for early June ...

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