Police launches ‘woke’ rainbow patrol cars to combat ‘hate crime’

United Kingdom 08/23/21, 22:42

Inclusive law enforcement vehicles will be deployed to crack down on violent crimes against people belonging to a different race. Cheshire Police Department confirmed taxpayer money will be spent on fluorescent car paintwork that promote "woke" culture and gender diversity. These rainbow police cars will join Great Britain's nationwide fleet, and ...

BBC opens £18,000 trainee job for applicants of color only

United Kingdom 06/21/21, 06:13

A recruitment criterion by the BBC for its trainee production management assistant role with the Science Unit in Glasgow has sparked controversy over racial treatment, reports the Daily Mail. The BBC’s latest move to boost a more diverse media industry came from a collaboration with Creative Access, a UK organization that ...

Education reform in NYC: eliminates inequity or more injustice?

New York 06/04/21, 01:36

According to concerned parents, the Department of Education (DOE) is sending high achievers to low, competitive schools in pursuit of equity in education, which, according to concerned parents, causes more unfairness than it seems to tackle. The New York Post reported that the central Department of Education has tried to ...

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