Hollywood-China box office market has collapsed in 2021, US share less than 10%

China 08/30/21, 04:19

Hollywood's share of China's box office has allegedly plummeted to less than 10%, in a drastic shift for the big studios, as Beijing strengthens its domestic movie industry while continuing to prevent major Hollywood movies from playing in Chinese theaters. Hollywood has struggled to retain its customary dominance in the Chinese ...

Snow White soothes 6-year-old autistic boy at Epcot Theme Park

U.S. 08/29/19, 08:38

Lauren Bergner, 37, of New Jersey spent months preparing her little son, Brody for Disney World. Six-year-old Brody has autism. His mother understands meltdowns are inevitable for him. "It's not his fault," Lauren told Today. While on their trip to Epcot Theme Park to meet Snow White, the weather and overwhelming crowds got ...

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