Hurricane Ida destroys building, tears off hospital roof in Louisiana

U.S. 08/30/21, 00:50

Hurricane Ida brought extreme winds and flash flooding to Louisiana buildings and infrastructure on Aug. 29. Several storm victims used social media to share images of the moment the category four storm made landfall. One post shows the hurricane totally destroying a building. "An entire building has just collapsed in New Orleans," graduate ...

‘Most powerful storm ever’ Ida hits New Orleans, causing citywide blackout

U.S. 08/30/21, 00:12

Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana on Aug. 29. The category four storm knocked out electricity across New Orleans, ripped roofs from buildings, and reversed the Mississippi River's flow-direction. "This is going to be a devastating, devastating hurricane," President Joe Biden said in a statement. Previous Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on Louisiana and Mississippi ...

22 dead, dozens missing after flash flood in Tennessee

U.S. 08/23/21, 16:00

Record-breaking rain caused floodwaters to surge across Middle Tennessee on Aug. 21. At least 22 people are dead with dozens still missing. "Things are moving fast, and we are finding people left and right," Humphreys County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Rob Edwards said according to the New York Post. The National Weather ...

President Trump expected to sign $19 billion disaster aid bill

Politics 06/04/19, 04:10

President Donald Trump is expected to sign the $19.1 billion disaster aid bill that he has described as “great” and just got approval by the U.S. Congress. The House of Representatives finally passed the long-delayed bill on Monday, June 3, by a wide bipartisan margin, 354 to 58, The Associated Press ...

President Trump declares major disaster, orders federal aids in Oklahoma

U.S. 06/03/19, 08:08

A major disaster is taking place in Oklahoma where severe storms, straight-line winds, tornadoes, and flooding has devastated the state since early May and continues, the White House cited a declaration by President Donald Trump on June 2. With the disaster declaration, President Trump ordered federal funding be made available to ...

The enigmatic phenomenon of “animal rain”

Beyond science 09/26/18, 07:30

In daily life, it can be seen how rain, overflowing with momentum, can reach flooding places and cause disasters of some kind.  Phenomena such as hail or tornadoes are often accompanied by heavy rains, sometimes of unexpected magnitude. On other occasions, from time to time, we will hear about another type of ...

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