The UN: The enforcement arm of the Chinese regime’s communist policies?

Insights 06/03/22, 19:53

The significant influence that the United Nations (UN) has acquired is at odds with the fact that part of its staff shows links with the Chinese regime, casting doubts on the transparency and impartiality that should characterize it.  The presence of Marxist-affiliated managers and the preponderance of communist countries in the ...

WHO spent $135,000 to improve its public image after the pandemic crisis

World 07/20/20, 10:39

The United Nations health agency hired Hill + Knowlton Strategies on June 30, 2020, according to a U.S. Department of Justice document.  The contract signed with the public relations firm, which cost $135,000, was effective from May 1 to June 15 and was intended to reach the following groups of influencers: Macro Influencers—those with ...

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