4-year-old boy wanders 5.5 miles from home, found in Arizona desert

U.S. 12/27/21, 15:37

A four-year-old boy from Arizona was returned to his family after the Border Patrol found and rescued him from the desert after a harrowing 24-hour search. In a statement released on Dec. 23, the FBI revealed that the boy wandered 5.5 miles off his family's home on the Tohono O'odham Nation, near Sells, ...

How the Rite of Marriage Defines What One Should Value

Culture 11/20/18, 03:26

Marriage, in the traditional sense, is the union between a man and a woman. This rite has been practiced among various cultures around the globe for centuries. It is the foundation for the social embodiment of what we refer to as a family, with its duties and privileges shared respectively. Marriage is essential ...

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