China: Almost 25% of teenagers suffer from depression

China 12/21/21, 02:05

The Epoch Times cited a Chinese government report from 2020, stating that the depression rate among Chinese teenagers is 24.6%. The number of young people with mild depression is 17.2%, and the rate of major depression is 7.4% In December 2019, China acknowledged that mental health, especially among children and adolescents, had ...

‘Facebook is causing depression, suicide and a terrible impact on children: Says ex-Google employee

Tech 09/16/21, 18:45

Joe Toscano, a well-known former Google employee, criticized the social network Facebook, accusing it of always putting economic benefits before taking care of its millions of users, especially children and teenagers, who are suffering terrible psychological consequences due to the policies implemented.  Toscano's comments were made during an interview published by Fox ...

Tennis star Naomi Osaka opens up about her mental health issues

Tennis 06/02/21, 22:46

High-profile Japanese athlete Naomi Osaka has bailed out of the French Open after her cry for help with mental issues was ignored. It is a reckoning for the sports industry's inconsiderate treatment of their champions. The tennis star had been refusing to make an appearance in mandatory news conferences, giving the ...

Arkansas is first state to ban malignant ‘sex changes’ on minors

U.S. 04/07/21, 16:37

After much back and forth between the Arkansas legislature, Gov. Asa Hutchinson's (R), and now the Arkansas Senate, a ban on malignant 'sex change' treatments for those under 18 has finally become law, The Hill reported. After the Republican-majority Arkansas state legislature passed the "Saving Adolescents from Experimentation Act" (SAFE) in March of this year ...

Millions of children face mental illness from quarantine, new report says

News 01/09/21, 18:30

The obsession on the part of the left-wing sectors to impose restrictions to "contain the spread of the CCP Virus" in the United States, has caused enormous changes in the routines of children and adolescents to develop, learn, and socialize with their peers. These changes have caused irreparable damage to ...

Phelps honored for honesty on mental health, helping others

Sports 05/21/19, 17:43

While swimming to Olympic glory, Michael Phelps found comfort in the pool and quite a bit of angst out of it. His bout with depression reached its nadir in 2014 after a second DUI arrest. That's when the most decorated Olympian of all time checked himself into a rehabilitative center in ...

Minnesota senator opens up about her bouts of depression

Health 05/13/19, 17:18

Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota is sharing her experiences with depression for the first time as she calls for more federal funding for mental health programs.The Democrat said she battled depression as a teenager and again in her late 30s, the Star Tribune reported."It just sort of feels like all ...

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace struggling with depression

Sports 05/10/19, 17:10

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace acknowledged covering up depression "for many years" before breaking down in near tears during a media session ahead of Saturday night's race at Kansas Speedway.The 25-year-old Wallace has struggled throughout his second full season at NASCAR's top level, his best finish coming in 17th at Martinsville. ...

Mind-altering, ketamine-like drug OK’d for severe depression

Treatment 03/05/19, 21:28

A mind-altering medication related to the club drug Special K won U.S. approval Tuesday for patients with hard-to-treat depression, the first in a series of long-overlooked substances being reconsidered for severe forms of mental illness. The nasal spray from Johnson & Johnson is a chemical cousin of ketamine, which has been ...

Researchers find clues that depression may speed brain aging

U.S. 02/14/19, 13:32

Memory and thinking skills naturally slow with age but now scientists are peeking inside living brains to tell if depression might worsen that decline — and finding some worrisome clues.Depression has long been linked to certain cognitive problems, and depression late in life even may be a risk factor for ...

Depression 101: Dallas schoolkids learn about mental health

Texas 02/09/19, 09:54

Dozens of Dallas-area schools are among a growing number around the world that are teaching children how to spot the signs of depression in themselves and others.Government statistics show suicide is the second-leading cause of death among Americans ages 10 to 18. Experts hope such lessons will mean depressed teens ...

Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

U.S. 01/26/19, 13:10

A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator helps him deal with his depression.Joie Henney, 65, said his registered emotional support animal named Wally likes to snuggle and give hugs, despite being a 5-foot-long alligator. The York Haven man said he received approval from his doctor to use Wally as ...

Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

U.S. 01/24/19, 11:22

A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator helps him deal with his depression.Sixty-five-year-old Joie Henney, of York Haven, says his registered emotional support animal named Wally likes to snuggle and give hugs, despite being a 5-foot-long alligator. reports Henney says he received approval from his doctor to use ...

Europe’s human rights court to hear Belgian euthanasia case

Europe 01/08/19, 06:47

Europe's top human rights court has agreed to hear a case being brought against Belgium by a man whose mother was euthanized in 2012 for depression, the second case that implicates one of Belgium's leading euthanasia doctors.In a statement on Tuesday, lawyers for Tom Mortier said they brought their case ...

Detecting depression: Phone apps could monitor teen angst

U.S. 01/03/19, 12:14

Rising suicide rates and depression in U.S. teens and young adults have prompted researchers to ask a provocative question: Could the same devices that some people blame for contributing to tech-age angst also be used to detect it?The idea has sparked a race to develop apps that warn of impending ...

Could smartphones spot teen depression?

News 01/03/19, 01:11

Smartphones have been blamed for contributing to depression and suicidal behavior in susceptible teens. But what if they could identify kids at risk? Researchers are trying to develop phone apps to detect impending mental health crises. Source: The Associated Press

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