NBC News moderator Savannah Gurthrie slammed by peers for her ’embarrassing’ on-air fight with President Trump

2020 Campaign 10/16/20, 02:47

A network television presenter was so disruptive during her interview with the president that industry peers swiftly condemned her unprofessional conduct. NBC town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie interrupted President Donald Trump so often that her fellow media professionals began to seriously question her editorial integrity. The Australian-born presenter interviewed the incumbent president ...

Gov. Whitmer (D-Mich.) called President Trump a ‘white supremacist’ even after the FBI saved her from kidnap plot

U.S. 10/09/20, 01:56

A Democrat, who federal law enforcement agents protected from abduction, decided to thank the president by calling him a racist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently stopped six individuals from kidnapping Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. However, instead of expressing gratitude, the governor declared the Oval Office considers white people superior ...

Democrats announce new bill to end lifetime tenures for Supreme Court justices

U.S. 09/25/20, 04:52

House Democrats introduced new legislation to end lifetime appointments to the nation's highest federal court. The Democratic Party is cracking down on justices who intend to spend the rest of their working lives serving the U.S. Supreme Court. The new bill will limit Supreme Court justice tenures to just 18 years and ...

House Republicans introduce resolution to condemn Democrats for threatening to ‘pack’ the court

Washington 09/23/20, 02:53

Conservative members of the congressional group responsible for administering justice have formally denounced the Democratic Party's hostility towards filling a judicial vacancy. House Judiciary Committee Republicans have introduced a resolution against Democrats because the latter threaten to "pack the court," if President Donald Trump replaces the late U.S. Supreme Court Associate ...

Presidential candidate Joe Biden calls President Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ responsible for ‘hellish’ wildfires

2020 Campaign 09/15/20, 02:39

The Democratic Party's nominee for president blamed major fires on the Trump administration's refusal to endorse an environmental theory. Joe Biden has strangely suggested fewer severe natural disasters would occur if the Oval Office recognized higher carbon dioxide levels have a long-term impact on weather patterns. "[President] Donald Trump warns that immigration ...

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