Homicides at record highs in Democrat-led cities

U.S. 12/11/21, 16:56

The escalation of violence in the United States as measured by assaults, robberies, homicides, and violent attacks has grown worryingly throughout 2021. A recent report warns that this spike in violence was mainly concentrated in 12 major cities governed by Democrats, where progressive policies are constantly being pushed. The year 2020 ...

20 Democrat mayors tap security details after defunding the police

U.S. 07/22/21, 15:44

At least 20 Democratic mayors and other city officials have to use personal protection from a police detail at taxpayers' expense after they have cut or proposed cutting funds from police budgets, according to Washington Examiner. The news outlet citing an analysis conducted by Forbes revealed that the calls to defund the police—coupled with taxpayer dollars spent ...

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