“White Terror”: Hong Kong workers are being fired for supporting protests

Asia & Pacific 08/24/19, 14:53

After the CEO of Hong Kong's largest airline resigned—Britain's Rupert Hogg—due to political pressure exerted by the Chinese regime on the company in an attempt to condemn anti-government protests, the head of the Cathay Dragon Cabin Crew Association—the region's second airline—reported that she was fired for political reasons. "All employees are ...

President Trump: ‘Four incredible centuries of history, heritage, and commitment’

U.S. 07/31/19, 05:02

President Donald Trump offered congratulations to Virginians and their legislators on "four incredible centuries of history, heritage, and commitment to the righteous cause of American self-government." President Trump participated in the Jamestown commemoration on Tuesday, July 30, marking the first representative assembly in the Western Hemisphere. The president said, "This is ...

Past midterms, some zero in on amending Constitution

Politics 11/03/18, 09:33

Whatever success Republicans have amassed in taking control of all three branches of U.S. government, and whatever fate awaits them as midterm elections near, some on the right are working to cement change by amending the Constitution. And to the mounting alarm of others on all parts of the spectrum, ...

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