Homicides at record highs in Democrat-led cities

U.S. 12/11/21, 16:56

The escalation of violence in the United States as measured by assaults, robberies, homicides, and violent attacks has grown worryingly throughout 2021. A recent report warns that this spike in violence was mainly concentrated in 12 major cities governed by Democrats, where progressive policies are constantly being pushed. The year 2020 ...

Celebrity Morgan Freeman surprises police applicants in Alabama

U.S. 10/21/21, 15:45

An award-winning actor joined a seven-member panel of police experts on Oct. 15. Morgan Freeman surprised prospective police officers when they turned up for an interview in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The actor sat on a panel comprising of the police chief, a law professor and others to evaluate nine shortlisted candidates out ...

Minneapolis judge agrees voters can choose to abolish police

U.S. 09/17/21, 18:59

Minnesota Supreme Court will let a popular vote decide the police department's fate on Sept. 16. Voters will choose whether to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a new Department of Public Safety. A proposal, known as Yes 4 Minneapolis, was introduced as a tribute to George Floyd who ...

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