China’s debt bomb about to explode: 5 ominous signs

Social problem 08/03/22, 12:37

Debt to GDP ratio of at least 275%, immense hidden debt by corrupted local governments, property developers default one by one… China's debt bomb is ticking much louder. Can the communist regime postpone the day of debt reckoning? Overview of China's debt mountain As reported by Bloomberg, China's debt will probably break the ...

Debt crisis spreads to China’s largest property developer

Economy 01/17/22, 22:57

Country Garden Holdings, China's top developer by sales in 2021, has finally felt the impacts of the debt crisis in the country's real estate market. According to Bloomberg, some Country Garden dollar bonds hit record lows after a report of the failed debt deal. Longer-dated bonds were trading as low as 69 cents ...

Beijing asks Evergrande to solve problem of unpaid salary to migrant workers 

China 12/20/21, 15:22

The Chinese government asked Evergrande to prioritize on settling payments for migrant workers and contractors of its real estate projects before the Lunar New Year, Bloomberg reported.  Evergrande's progress in rolling out new-built houses and completing their projects is slower than expected, so the salary payment to employees is dragging on.  On ...

Evergrande to restructure all offshore public bonds amid debt crisis

China 12/10/21, 06:35

According to Sound of Hope, China’s debt-laden Evergrande property group plans to restructure its offshore public bonds and private debt. The change was China’s most remarkable asset restructuring of all time. Evergrande announced that it had encountered difficulties paying a $260 million guaranteed offshore bond on Dec. 3. The company still ...

China Evergrande failed $260 million of a debt obligation

China 12/05/21, 01:34

China Evergrande Group issued an announcement stating that it had failed to fulfill a guarantee obligation amounting to $260 million on Dec.3. Based on the current liquidity situation Evergrande made it clear that the Group is not sure whether it has restructuring funds to continue to perform its financial responsibilities. Insiders say ...

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