Germany Revealed the CCP’s ‘Large-scale Cyber Attack Weapons Warehouse’

China 12/08/21, 23:29

A confidential document from the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution '' or BFV from Germany said that Chinese government hackers possessed a "large-scale cyber attack arsenal."  According to DW News on Dec. 4, the BFV's report revealed Chinese hackers tried to target the private emails of federal Members ...

Norway accuses China of cyber-attack on parliament

China 07/20/21, 01:42

Norway on Monday, July 19 concluded that China was responsible for the March 10 cyber breach on its parliament's e-mail system.  “This was a very serious incident affecting our most important democratic institution,” Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide said in a statement. “Following a detailed intelligence assessment, it ...

US water and power are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks

U.S. 06/15/21, 16:30

In 2018, the hacking of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power took only six hours. Early this year, an invader lurked in hundreds of computers tied to water utilities across the U.S. Burglars in Portland, Oregon, planted malicious computers on a system that supplies power to a large ...

Gigantic cyber theft: Hacking of more than 8.4 billion passwords revealed

U.S. 06/09/21, 18:17

A hacker forum user posted more than 8.4 billion passwords, breaking records for the largest collection of computer system user privacy breaches in recorded history.  The huge 100 gigabytes (GB) TXT file claimed to contain 82 billion passwords, but an analysis of the data provided revealed that the records amounted to ...

Biden sanctions Russia, cites harmful actions against US interests

U.S. 04/17/21, 02:03

President Joe Biden signed an order on Thursday, April 16, sanctioning Russia for the Solar Winds cyberattacks on U.S. federal agencies and other misconduct, such as attempts to meddle in American elections. "Today, I’ve approved several steps, including expulsion of several Russian officials, as a consequence of their actions.  I’ve also ...

The use of Huawei on the UK’s 5G network is ‘madness,’ warns the US

China 01/14/20, 09:04

The U.S. government warned Britain that it would be "madness" to use Huawei technology on the U.K.'s 5G network. A delegation from Washington presented a document yesterday in London with evidence that demonstrated the security risks posed by the use of the Chinese telecommunications company in the network that the European ...

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